Master of the Zoomiverse - Dave Thompson

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April is Autism Awareness month and as an effort to move the dial on stigmas around people, places and experiences involving people on the spectrum I want to invite you to meet a few amazing people who are doing their part to change the stigmas and providing safe spaces to teach and learn.

Imagine a world where you can love what you do, impact others and be part of creating a new Zoomiverse for those around you. Well for my next guest, Dave Thompson that is his reality. Dave is currently the Director of Work Force Development at the Nicholas Center which has two locations in New York. In addition to being a super dad, Tedx Speaker, podcast host, and all around great person we will hear the story of what brought him to find the passion in assisting neuro-diverse people to find the best in themselves and in their futures.

I would enjoy hearing from you if you would like to connect you can find me, Uncle Dave on most social media as David Chametzky (facebook page Peace, Love and Bring a Bat) or just drop an email:

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