​​RE: Existential Dread & Deadliest Catch

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Dear Pennies & Pallers,

In this week’s first letter, a Pen Pal (who may or may not know our names) expresses concern for the wellbeing of our planet - and looks for any tips on how to ward off existential dread.

In our second letter, we are asked if a person’s favorite television show can be a red flag.

We also discuss: our new PO Box, climate change, the reality show “Alone”, and identifying with Richard Drefyuss in "Stand by Me".

Send your snail mail to:

C/O The Pen Pals Podcast

5419 Hollywood Blvd Ste C #121, Los Angeles, CA 90027

We wish you well, sincerely,

Your Pen Pals Daniel Van Kirk & Rory Scovel

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