***PHINSTANT REACTION*** No Problems vs. Houston

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Another week, another victory for Tua Tagovailoa and The Miami Dolphins. Miami slaps Houston across the face with 30 points in the first half and takes a breather in the 2nd half, ultimately winning 30-15. Tua had 299 yards and a touchdown in just over two quarters of play, the defense dominated Houston, netting more return yards of turnovers in the first half than Houston had on offense, and the only real concern in how Terron Armstead is doing with his injured pec.

Miami is 8-3, first in their division and nd in their conference. The playoffs are in sight, but first, a gauntlent of a road trip awaits with San Francisco, Los Angles and Buffalo standing in their way before they come home on Christmas Day. Can they sweep the road trip? If they do...look out...

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