are you giving your SELF LOVE?

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All information provided in this podcast or by its narrators, guest-speakers, hosts, or presenters are for informational purposes. This is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any conditions; whether medical, psychological or physiological. We strongly recommend that you please consult a licensed health professional about any psychological or medical issues you may have and before undertaking any information you may hear or see by this podcast or its presenters.
This podcast is for informational purposes.

Self Love
In this episode we are discussing Self Love.
What it is, Why its important, and How to practice self love.
A lot of us have lost ourselves in the day to day grind and we've left ourselves un-nurtured. It is time we get back to caring for ourselves emotionally, physically and nutritionally - all of which are essential for our overall health and wellness. Please feel free to share this show with friends and family!
If you or someone you know need guidance in any of the topics discussed in our podcast, please reach out for a FREE coaching session!
Ph: 617-420-2094
IG: itspersonalinnovation

  • Anxiety & Depression Association of America
  • Brain and Behavior Research Foundation []
  • Music - motivational inspiring piano by ZakharValaha ~

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