#34: Black Summer S2 / Fatherhood / Lupin S2 /Bo Burnham: Inside / Oxygen / JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

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Euan reviews season two of Black Summer, the zombie series that we first saw back in 2019 (27:25). First up though, we discuss the news that Netflix will soon come under Ofcom regulation (03:30) and take a look at the top ten, featuring Lupin part 2 and Fatherhood (10:47). In What We've Been Watching, hear our thoughts on Oxygen, Bo Burnham: Inside, Giri/Haji, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and Castlevania (43:00). Finally Peter makes his pick from some films departing Netflix soon in Last Chance (65:15). Thanks for listening – remember to subscribe! Please get in touch with your Netflix reviews and recommendations: facebook.com/peterandeuanpod twitter.com/peterandeuanpod instagram.com/peterandeuanpod Watch video from the show on YouTube: bit.ly/3vdtvSh Music: Car Crash Hearts - spoti.fi/3ePvTrC In The Reptile House - spoti.fi/3uei0d1

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