Episode 258: Your Listening To Phil Wilson's Vinyl Revival Radio Show 2nd July 2022 (Full Radio Show), Britain's Most Listened To Vinyl Radio Show Podcast, find out more at www.vinylrevivalradio.com I Do Hope You Enjoy The Show

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On this weeks glittering edition of Britain's Number One Syndicated Vinyl Radio Show Phil Wilson's Vinyl Revival #puttheneedleontherecord
Listen out for the Album Of The Week - Stevie Wonder - Characters 1987 Motown Record Corporation ZL72001
Number 1 Of The Week comes from 1986 spending 3 weeks at the top of the UK Official Top 40 Chart.
The Oddity Of The Week clue is: Would this wild haired genius be able to work out this oddity?
Music this week from:
Electric Light Orchestra
Maxi Priest
Fat Larry's Band
Amy Grant
Brotherhood Of Man
Dazz Band
Michael Jackson
and many more...
If you would like a shout out or a request please feel free to drop me a message here: https://www.vinylrevivalradio.com
Official website: https://www.vinylrevivalradio.com

Instagram: philwilsonsvinylrevival
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/phils45s #putheneedleontherecord
Also on TikTok search for #philwilsonsvinylrevival
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Add the skill at: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Phil-Wilsons-Vinyl-Revival/dp/B08HY3GG8X

Please check out the books I have written at: https://www.amazon.com/author/philwilson

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​I hope you enjoy the show
Cheers Phil 'P-P-P-Pop' Wilson (Celebrating nearly 30 years of broadcasting)

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