Z's Week 2 2021 Power Rankings - We're Back!

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Welcome back everyone to Philly Blitz! I was originally just going to give a list for power rankings, but decided it would be a nice quick recording. Next time we'll get our cohost L back in the studio. The Pod is back!

Disclaimer - All rankings below are based on record and team composition. We have 2 weeks of new info, but pre draft rankings still hold some weight. For example, I don’t think Tyler Lockett is the best fantasy WR even though he’s currently the top scorer. I will try to be as objective as possible, but there will be some bias in there.

  1. MoeBallz (2-0)
  2. CaliSwagg (2-0)
  3. Sleeper cELL (2-0)
  4. Jones Scones (1-1)
  5. Pawz (1-1)
  6. Icestorm (1-1)
  7. Tomato Fairy (1-1)
  8. King Tiger (0-2)
  9. Moe Dick (1-1)
  10. Cleveladelphia (1-1)
  11. Queen Boo Boo (0-2)
  12. Scary Hours (0-2)

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