PEP Rally: Killer

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This week Phoenix Educational Programming presents a showcase from PEP Rally: Killers. This week, we highlight Kevin Patterson's take on Catcher and the Rye and it's impact on famous killers. Ghost Comic makes us laugh about the afterlife. Steve Maxwell gives his unique insights as well. Our sponsor this week wants you to consider a very specific service involving dufflebags. Our hosts Hattie Jean Hayes and Matt Storrs lead Phoenix performers and experts through a journey on Killers! PEP Rally is a weekly variety show in Phoenix, AZ at Lawn Gnome Publishing. Find out more at Track: 10 Title: Killer Artist: PEP Rally! Album: PEP Rally! Season Two Year: 2015 Genre: Comedy Comment: Hattie Jean Hayes and Matthew T. Storrs host this week's themed variety show: Killers. With performances by Kevin Patterson, Ghost Comic, Steve Maxwell. We also have a word from this week's sponsor! Remixed by: Eric Richardson

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