Database Freedom

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This month John and Eric discuss some of the greater articles coming in the July 2022 release, “Database Freedom”.

We start off with two great feature articles, “Customizing Drupal Feeds For Smooth Migrations” by Doug Groene and “MongoDB and PHP—-A Perfect Match” by Joel Lord.

Our monthly columnists have been hard at work as well. Over in Education Station, Chris Tankersley gives us “What is Git Doing”? Then Eric Mann helps with “Demystifying Multifactor Authentication” on Security Corner. Continuing down through DDD Alley, Edward Barnard brings up “Structure by Use Case”. The Workshop will help improve our development environments with the article “PHP from Virtual Machine to Docker” by Joe Ferguson. Nicola Pignatelli tells you everything you’ve ever wanted to know to “Create a Custom Module in Drupal 9” in the Drupal Dab. If you’re a puzzle fan, check out this very counterintuitive PHP Puzzles column, “The Birthday Paradox” by Oscar Merida. Learn all about the PSR-7 HTTP Message Interface” in Frank Wallen’s PSR Pickup.

And finally{}, Beth Tucker Long talks about the pitfalls behind the commonly used “Blind” talk selection process used by many conferences and user groups.

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