Prize-winning AI research, bringing machine learning tools into the radiotherapy clinic

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To mark AI in Medical Physics Week, in this episode of the Physics World Weekly podcast we take a look at some of the many applications of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in medical physics and healthcare.

First up, we talk to Rishab Jain, a high school student named as America’s Top Young Scientist when he was just 13, and one of the winners of this year’s Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair, the world’s largest high school science competition. He tells us about the science behind the awards, both of which were for his research on using AI for healthcare applications, and why he thinks AI will play a big role in how we treat patients in the future.

Also featured this week is Todd McNutt, who is co-founder and chief scientist at Oncospace. He talks about how machine learning can improve our understanding of the impact of radiation on patients. He also explains how AI-based tools can be used to personalize radiation therapy for cancer patients and how Oncospace is helping to bring such tools into the clinic.

Sun NuclearAI in Medical Physics Week is supported by Sun Nuclear, a manufacturer of patient safety solutions for radiation therapy and diagnostic imaging centres. Visit to find out more.

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