Quantum-computing company focuses on quantum simulation for industry, celebrating the International Year of Glass

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In this episode of the Physics World Weekly podcast, Jenni Strabley and Simon McAdams of Quantinuum explain how quantum computers could be used to simulate industrially relevant quantum systems such as the large molecules used in pharmaceuticals and the materials used in hydrogen fuel cells. Quantinuum offers quantum computing hardware and software and Strabley and McAdams talk about the company’s new quantum computational chemistry software platform and the firm’s roadmap for the future.

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Also in the podcast, we chat about the June issue of Physics World magazine, which celebrates 2022 as the International Year of Glass. Physics World’s Sarah Tesh talks about some of the highlights of this glass-themed issue – including a feature article about the role that archaeology is playing in the development of glasses for the vitrification of nuclear waste. Tesh also explains how the toughened glass used in mobile-phone screens was discovered by accident.

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