Pints & Politics UK: Episode 19 - Boris Johnson remains on the fence with impact of Indian variant, Johnson makes billionaire a Lord and Conservatives receive hefty £500,000 reward, Portugal on the amber list, Sir Keir Starmer on Piers Morgan's Life Stori

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Jonny goes all James O'Brien with a podcast dedicated to his own thoughts on the week's politics!

Bit Topic: Boris Johnson cannot answer whether or not restrictions will be lifted on June 21!
Other topics: Peter Cruddas gives Tories £500,000 after becoming a Lord, Portugal on the Amber List, Sir Keir Starmer came across well on Piers Morgan's Life Stories!
US Politics: Joe Biden discusses Tulsa massacre on 1921 and he also commemorated Pride Month. Biden also offered a pint for a jab in a new initiative to Americans vaccinated, and Donald Trump is still angry!

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