Deathloop Impressions & New God of War: Ragnarok Details

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Dylan talks about his brief time with Deathloop so far before discussing some new God of War: Ragnarok details we’ve learnt from this past PlayStation Showcase on Friday.

Dylan Blight:
Ashley Hobley:

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00:00:00 - Hello
00:00:53 - God of War drama on Twitter
00:04:04 - Trophy Cabinet
00:04:18 - Deathloop Impressions
00:20:06 - On Eric Williams being the right director for GoW: Ragnarok
00:23:29 - Ragnarok will still be one-shot
00:27:59 - Gran Turismo 7 trailer details we missed
00:30:11 - Will need to be online to play Gran Turismo 7
00:33:08 - Sony acquires Firesprite
00:48:05 - Some LBP servers are dead
00:52:18 - Rumoured Twisted Metal game
00:55:10 - Final Death Stranding: Director's Cut trailer
01:00:40 - Goodbye

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God of War Ragnarok: Cory Barlog and Eric Williams on Changing Directors, Why Williams Was Right for the Role
New Twisted Metal Rumored To Be In Development Alongside TV Show
Classic LittleBigPlanet Servers Shut Down Permanently Following Hacks
Sony buys Firesprite, the studio behind The Playroom
Push Square
God of War Ragnarok's Camera Is a Single Shot from Start to Finish, Just Like the Last Game
Gran Turismo 7's PS5, PS4 Campaign Requires an Online Connection
Death Stranding Director's Cut - Final Trailer | PS5

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