Spice Girls 6: Victoria Beckham - Marriage & music, Babies & affairs (99-07)

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Posh Spice, Victoria Beckhams, Vicky Adams... today we take a quote from her former music school principal: If Victoria hadn't had the lucky breaks she had and the people having faith in her to make her what she is, she probably would have been singing and dancing on a cruise liner.

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Do we think this is true? Lets Stop – slow down – take a deep breath and respect the solo career of Victoria Caroline Beckham. _________________________________ Shes one half of the most photographed couple in Britain, queen of the wags, inventor of the POB. Can't discuss her without her husband David Beckham. Met at a charity football match. Becks overcame his shyness, to peer from under his curtains and chat her up.

They had their first baby Brooklyn in march of 1999 and were married in July, in a £424,000. (Although OK magazine paid £980000 so that’s a sweet profit). Which seems like a tight turn around to fit into a dress.

Geri wasn’t in attendance. Sporty and Baby wore white tuxedos. Scary wore black. Mel C has the worst haircut.

They then brought their her first home, the £2.5million “Beckingham Palace”. o It has a mini chapel o Playground made of fake ancient runes o Maze o Bbq area o And of course …. Professionally tailor football pitch (Don’t worry, there is also a recording studio)

- 4 children in total: Brooklyn, 1999, Romeo, 2002, Cruz, 2005. 3 during this time (Harper wouldn’t arrive until 2011). Elton John and his partner, David Furnish are Godparents to Brooklyn and Romea, along with Elizabeth Hurley.

The Beckhams suffered extreme mocking from Alistair McGowan as they imitated the two. One thing we can say about Victoria: She was not afraid of a trend. In fact, I don’t think she met one she didn’t like. Dramatically launched her music career in August 2000. Duet, she didn’t want to step out alone so she Truesteppered out with the garage tinged “Out of your mind” featuring Dane Bowers. There was a real trend for the reply song – so we had Damons Fuck You, followed by Frankie Fuck you right back. Mario, I don’t wanna know. Followed by Shola Ama, You already knew. And then this, a follow up to Truesteppers top 10 record “Bugging”.

Replies were soooooo noughties but so were epic chart battles. This track was in a much hyped race to no.1 with Spiller and Sophie Ellis Bextors “Groovejet”. Which narrowly beat it by 20,000 copies.

This was a real fashion moment: The cut out pleather tops, the matrix video and my fave image (the lip ring and extensions). This Victoria saying – Im a bad bitch.

Question: Which solo spice single has the biggest first week sales? This with 180,000 copies. Lowest selling? Geri angels in chains or Mel B Day in your lfe

Kidnap plots  there was a fear and a plot and an investigation...... but CPS charges were dropped because main testimony cane from a serial fantasist who was paid by News Of The World journalist Mazher Mahmoud (classic New of the world behaviour)  Plan was to kidnap Victoria, with guns, and keep her in a house in Brixton. Police were in contact with Mahmoud but he refused to give them evidence or say who the victim was.  They agreed an arrest date and only then did he provided details.... 3 hours before the arrest  Because you can release details of a suspect after an arrest  Turns out the guy selling the story was the gang leader and had set the whole thing up just to sell the story!  November 2002. Dropped 6 months later Brooklyn and Romeo. Mother of two. 5 million for her; if the children with her another 5. Told, then watched her husband play against Southampton and didn’t tell him until after Not the first attempt on her life - rehearsals for Brit awards 2000. Red laser beam on her chest, signals a rifle bullet. Police found a door had been wedged open Whilst performing Victoria became convinced she had been shot, after hearing a series of unexpected bangs, and stopped singing, clutching her stomach - She then took a solid year to “find her sound” and came back with the autobiographical “Not such an innocent girl” in September 2001. - Recently my Spotify has started throwing this onto my daily mix and shes right: First impressions can be wrong, this is a tune! Good chorus, deep lyricaly content. Very deep message in the video: you had the white blonde good girl, and then the dark haired bad girl racing in some futuristic grand prix – effectively inventing the idea of quidditch – until they crash and form one, Victoria beckham. Still a lot of leather in this video.

We also discuss:

  • - Her chart battle with Kylie Minogue

  • Debut album, Not such an innocent girl, and a painful review by NME

  • Two shelved albums - Come Together/Open your eyes - produced with Jay Z friend, Damon Dash

  • Her best-selling autobiograpjy, Learning to Fly

  • Her French language single

  • Shady lyrics against Geri Halliwell in "Whatcha Talkin' Bout"

  • Being dropped by Virgin Records

  • Singing and sinking Telstar records

  • The Rebecca Loos scandal and David Beckham affair rumours allegations of cheating

  • Beginnings of her fashion empire, starting with walking the catwalk at London Fashion week in 200 wearing Burbery. Her fashion line with Jay Z owned Rocawear. Her line of Rocawear VB Jeans, her relationship with Roberto Cavalli and her second book, That extra half an inch

  • Pulls all the gossip on her WAG look at Football World Cup.

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