#57 Hiba Jameel: Iraqi nutritionist & artist on food, family, culture, food policy, blue zone eating, and the power of priorities and choices

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Ms Hiba Jameel grew up in Iraq during the Gulf War and transitioned from coming to the US as a refugee to studying Blue-Zone longevity & nutrition including the biomarkers regarding mTor & IGF1 during her Masters training at Tufts University. She paints us a gorgeous picture of sitting at her grandmother's table as a child with the fruits, nuts, vegetables and spices of the Iraqi table and moves through her understanding of people through her understanding of food, nutrition and the world 'healthy'. Her love of food is palpable and it's evident especially in her respect for the variety of diets in Blue-Zones around the world. She's sharp on policy as well and lays into our food policies that are driving national health vulnerabilities. As she talks about her art and creativity which was present in her since childhood, she lights up again. This is a wide-ranging show about art, culture, trauma, nutrition, emotion, policy, inequities, and health, all as told through the warm and sweet voice of Ms Jameel that truly represents the ways in which we can choose healing from diverse aspects of our lives. Enjoy!

Contact Ms Jameel for nutritional consultation: hjameel2019@gmail.com.

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