Being a cheapo gourmet at home

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Download Podcast How can a cheapo in tokyo save money cooking at home? Chris and Greg give you the lowdown this week on why it’s cheaper shopping Japanese style and where to get the best bargins on your fresh fruit, veg and A4 Wagyu beef, plus some bonus cheapo gormet recipes! Mentioned in this episode Cheapo eats: Omohara Beer Forest Shinshu Osake Mura Where to buy cheap fruit, veg, meat and fish? Hanamasa OK Supermarket Ozeki Supermarket JA outlet shop farmers markets And don’t forget to grab the 50% off deals at many supermarkets later in the evening. Recipes: Broccoli soup – boil head of brocolli in beef or veg consume/stock till tender, then blend. Salt and pepper to taste. Easy 🙂Tuna Sashimi Salad – Sashim

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