Episode 8: Analog Swirls & Digital Worlds

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Jasper Degens Listen Now Or find the Tokyo Cheapo podcast on iTunes. This week, the podcast team sits down with teamLab’s Jasper Degens, one of the geniuses behind the Borderless Mori Digital Art Museum. As one of teamLab’s first and only gaijin, Jasper tells us about landing his dream job with zero Japanese and a lot of ingenuity (and persistent e-mailing), plus arriving in Vietnam without a job or plan and teaming up with an engineer/DJ. And here in Japan it’s festival season! So in our Tokyo Stories Greg hops the mic to tell us what it’s like to actually join a festival – from buying a festive loincloth to shaking a 400 kg portable shrine. Produced/edited/mixed by Taryn Siegel Music by Ryan Carter Links t

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