Episode 20: A Chance Encounter (Card)

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Sit down and Stand your Vanguard, because it's time for episode 20 of Podfight!! Vancast!

So, we have seen the Encounter Cards! And by the looks of them... they are balanced!?!? How is that even possible!?

In another weird and wacky twist, the latest anime episode was AWESOME! About time...

And speaking of videos, we are releasing more video content so make sure you tune in to hear what we have planned!

As always, we will chat about what we are thinking and drinking whilst linking it all back to the card game we know and love!

Are you excited for overDress? Download this podcast today, and let us know whether you will be dressing up to play!

Join the VanGangstaz! Tweet us at @podfightvancast, email at podfight@gmail.com OR join our Discord!!

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