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This week: Motivations To Join The Police Juror Perceptions Of Child Sexual Abuse Cases School Suspensions & Arrest In Adolescence

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Policing organised crime:

These are live 2-hour sessions followed by 1 hour of discussion and Q&A with Chris. You can book them for £49 each here:

Cybercrime, Wednesday 20th April, 5-8pm GMT: ​https://www.academy.policesciencedr.com/course/ca1-2-2

Firearms Smuggling, Wednesday 27th April, 5-8pm GMT: ​https://www.academy.policesciencedr.com/course/ca1-2-4

Money Laundering, Wednesday 4th May, 5-8pm GMT: https://www.academy.policesciencedr.com/course/ca1-2-6

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