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Entering a new chapter and leaving behind the things we thought were for us is always a daunting experience. But sometimes, the universe itself calls for us to start over and find a new life while carrying the lessons we've learned from our journey so far. To grow, we have to be willing to let go of the things that do nothing but hold us back.

So answer the call, trust yourself, and have the courage to make the big jump. It's never too late to live the life you truly want.

In this episode of The Pollen Podcast, Diana talks about day one of her true nomadic journey and what entering this new chapter means for her. It feels safe to stay in the comforts of the things we're used to doing and being around—we hold on to them. But sometimes, we need to just let life unfold. Like trees shedding their leaves, you've got to start anew and transition to a new life path when it's time. 🍂

Listen to this episode to learn why you should take the big leap toward the next chapter in your new life!

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🔥Here are three reasons why you should listen to this episode:
  1. How we can be excited for and embrace the life changes we don’t expect versus resisting them.
  2. Learn why you should say “F**k it” to your 5-year plan.
  3. Be inspired to let go of anything that's making you feel stuck and enter a new life chapter.
📘Resources 🎧Episode Highlights [01:45] Diana Davis Creative Retreat
  • The first Diana Davis Creative Retreat will take place from August 29 to September 1.
  • Diana invites creative entrepreneurs to take a week off, lean into boundaries, and let go during the retreat.
  • The venue of the retreat is in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.
  • The retreat involves exploring nature, live coaching, yoga, and meditation.
[04:17] Day 1 of Diana’s True Nomadic Journey
  • The first stop of Diana’s true nomadic journey is New York City.
  • New York has been the landing pad for Diana when things become solo. She moved there without any plans after her divorce.
  • The city is now holding her again after a six-year relationship.
  • Apart from being the city that never sleeps, New York is Diana’s soul city.
[06:15] A New Chapter, A New Life Path
  • Diana turned 32 on the day of recording the episode.
  • The new chapter of her life is a blank slate that she wasn't expecting.

[06:41] Diana Davis: “We've been throwing this cliche around a lot but, ‘When you make plans, God laughs.’ But if we can be excited for those changes, then I think we're in a good spot.”

  • As a Gemini, there’s been a lot of chaotic energy around her.
  • Being on a nomadic journey is Diana saying “hell yes” to herself.
[08:00] Looking Back on Her Journey
  • Diana was lost when she first moved to New York. She hadn’t found herself in any capacity yet.
  • She’s grateful for the opportunity to be dating herself in the growth part of life she’s in.
  • She’s the same person today with layers shed from when she was 25.
  • Look back on your journey so far. Where were you physically and spiritually a year ago and five years ago?
[09:49] F the 5-Year Plan
  • 80% of us didn’t plan for where we are now. One of Diana’s big things is to F the 5-year plan.
  • Getting divorced made her feel like she had received a second chance — a new life.
  • Moving to New York and getting divorced wasn’t part of her 5-year plan, but she’s grateful for them.

[11:06] Diana Davis: “Have some sort of idea and intention—maybe intention is the better word. Have some sort of plan but being very open to that plan changing. Because again, if the universe has something in store for you that's different from what you think, you can actually get really excited about it because it's going to be better than you could have ever imagined.”

  • Tap into your desires and intentions, but let life unfold and make room for changing your mind.
[11:45] The Leaves You Need to Shed
  • The things we hold on to could be learning experiences for the next thing.
  • We have different stages in our lives. We’re never entirely sure if we want to do something forever.
  • Compost and fertilize your past for the next chapter, along with the dead leaves you must let fall away for new life to grow.
  • Trees don’t keep their leaves; they shed them when it’s time. What do you need to shed? What do you want to start?

[13:21] Diana Davis: “There's amazing things in store for you. But you have to be willing to see them, willing to trust yourself, willing to take the jump—the leap—when the universe says jump.”

Enjoyed this Podcast on Starting a New Life Chapter?

It's scary to take the leap and start a new life chapter. But sometimes, you just have to trust the universe, scream, and go for it. Here's to filling up a fresh slate! ✊

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