Sherlock Holmes w/Zach Eastman/ London Fog British Mild

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The game is afoot! The Pop Culture Holmes and Watson are joined by their friend Lestrade to get to the bottom of the enduring mystery - who is Sherlock Holmes?

Well as we discover, whoever he wants to be!

We're joined by our good friend Zach Eastman of the wonderful podcast Ballyhoo Yesteryear Revue to talk the world's most famous consulting detective!

London Fog - Earl Grey Vanilla British Mild - 5 gallons

(90 min mash, 90 min boil)


10lb Maris Otter

1lb UK Medium Crystal

1lb UK Cara Malt


2oz East Kent Golding (90 mins)

0.5oz East Kent Golding (15 mins)

0.5oz East Kent Golding (5 mins)


London Ale


20x Tea Bags of Twining Earl Grey (soak in vodka, add to secondary)

0.5oz Vanilla flavouring (or to taste - add in packaging)

How to make a London Fog Tea

1x earl grey tea bag

Steamed Milk

1x shot of vanilla syrup

Make a strong cup of earl grey by filling a quarter of the mug with boiling water

Add steamed milk

stir in vanilla


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