A Hard Day's Night/Liverpool Import British Ale

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Is "A Hard Day's Night" the most important Beatles album? Well, this guy seems to think so!

This episode dives into what makes "A Hard Day's Night" such an important album in the Fab Four's canon, and the frenzy surrounding these four normal lads from Liverpool... just don't let the screaming make your ears bleed!

Beer: Liverpool Import (British Boddi's style cream ale) -5 gallons


6.2lb 2-Row

4oz Crystal Malt 120lb

0.5oz Black Malt

(90 min mash & 60 min boil)


1oz Fuggle (60 mins)

0.75oz East Kent Golding (60 mins)

0.25oz East Kent Golding (15 mins)


1tsp Irish Moss (15 mins)

1/3lb Invert Sugar (make the night before - directions at end of recipe)

Yeast: English Ale V

Invert Sugar:

1/2lb Cane Sugar

3/4cup of water

1/4tsp Critic Acid

Mix all together in a pan and bring to boil. Once at boil simmer for 20 mins - put in tupperware, and chill in the fridge over night


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