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Come with us to the planet Arrakis - the only planet in the known galaxy (but, like thousands of years in the future) where you can get the Spice: the most valuable substance in the galaxy, pooped out by sandworms on a desert planet.

Join Tyler and Andrew as they talk about one of the most influential science fiction novels, which is weird to explain, and in turn ended up as even weirder movies!

Chai Cream Ale - 5 gallons

(90 minute mash, 90 minute Boil)


11lb Pilsner

2lb Flaked Corn


1oz Saaz (90 mins)

0.5oz Saaz (20 mins)

0.5oz Saaz (5 mins)


American Ale Yeast


12x Chai tea bags

Soak 12 teabags of Chai in vodka for week during primary fermentation. when fermentation is complete add vodka and teabags to beer, let steep to taste (recommendation, no more than 3 days)

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