Halloween Special w/The Mad Brewer/ 3 scary beers

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Special boo-nus episode for Halloween!

We're talking the evolution of the Slasher movie. We made beers for three of the most influential slasher movies of all time: Psycho, Halloween, and Scream. So grab a beer, and let us know if you like scary movies!

All beers 5 Gallons

Psycho Show Shower Steam Beer

(90 min mash, 90 min boil)


9.5lb / 4.5kg 2 Row

2lb / 907g American Crystal 60


1oz / 28g Amarillo (90 mins)

1oz / 28g Hallertau (30 mins)

1oz / 28g Willamette (15 mins)


Bohemian Lager yeast (Ferment at ale temp)

Halloween Pumpkin Spice Latte

(60 min Mash 60 min boil)


4.5lb / 2KG Pale Malt

2.2lb / 1Kg Mild Malt

1lb / 400g Biscuit Malt

8oz / 250g Melanoidin Malt

7oz / 200g Briess Extra Special Malt

3.5oz / 100g Oat Malt


0.7oz / 20g Phoenix @60

2oz / 60g Phoenix @5

1 tsp cinnamon @5

1 tsp allspice @5

1 tsp ginger @5

1 tsp ground clove @5

1 tsp nutmeg @5


Nottingham Ale Yeast


Coffee. 1 week after brew day. Brew medium roast ground coffee ratio of 1 cup of coffee to five cups water. Mix and leave 24 hours. Strain out coffee grinds and then add cold brew coffee direct to fermenter.

Add same spice additions added in boil direct into fermenter as well at this stage.

Scream Black Lager

(60 min mash, 60 min boil)


6lb / 2.6kg Pilsner malt

1lb / 454g Munich 10l

1lb / 454g Crystal 60l

0.5lb / 226g Carapils

0.5lb / 226g Carafa Special


1.25oz / 35g Perle (60)

0.5pz / 15g Sterling (flameout)


Wyeast 2633 Oktoberfest Blend

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