Harry Potter (w/Tyler Maybee)/ Honeyduke's Honey Ale & Dumbledore Lemondrop

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"You're a wizard Harry" - and with that phrase an ordinary boy becomes the centre of his own franchise. Join Andrew, and guest Tyler Maybee, as they breakdown what makes Harry Potter so great. At the end of the episode they reveal the two beers they were inspired to make by it
Dumbledore's Lemondrop - 5 gallons
(60min Mash & boil)
7lb 2-Row
6lb UK Maris Otter
0.5lb US Crystal
1oz Citra (60 mins)
1oz Citra (30 mins)
1oz Citra (10 mins)
1oz Amarillo (8 mins)
1oz Lemondrop (3 mins)
1oz Lemondrop (Flameout)
1oz Lemondrop (Dry Hop)
Kviek Yeast
Honeyduke's Honey Ale - 5 gallons
(90 mins Mash & Boil)
5.5lb Wheat Malt
4.5lb 2 Row
1lb Munih Malt
1lb Rice Hulls
1oz Chinook (90 mins)
0.5oz Mt Hood (15 mins)
0.5oz Mt Hood (5 mins)
1.5lb raw honey (15 mins)
American Ale Yeast

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