Weekend At Bernie's/ Mai Tai Rye

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Weekend at Bernie's, the cinematic masterpiece that rivals last episode's Apocalypse Now... but with a lot more jokes!
Tyler suggested doing this movie, Andrew apparently really loved the movie, and they both had a great time talking about it! So strap yourself in, and staple a wig to your head, this is going to be a bumpy boat ride!
Hindi movie that inspired Weekend at Bernie's: Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron
Mai Tai Rye - 5 gallons
(90 min mash & 90 min boil)
8lb 2 Row
4lb Flaked Rye
0.5lb Caramel 60
1oz Citra (30 mins)
2oz Amarillo (10 mins)
1oz Citra (5 mins)
juice of 1x Orange (15 mins)
1 tsp Irish Moss (15 mins)
Imperial Flasgship A07 (American Ale)
Tincture to be added after primary. Tincture made up of
Peel of:
3x Orange
3x lime
Soak in the following alcohols:
1 pint of Coconut Rum
1 pint of Spiced Rum
1 pint of Gran Marnier
add Rum Soaked Oak Chips
Keep checking to taste
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