Ep 2 Do Right By Black Women

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Welcome to Amplify Humanity. On this second podcast episode, Porsha takes a deeper dive into our channeled message for the week and makes it plain with The Amplifier. It’s a vibe: Channeled Message. Time is filled with swift transitions! For the entire message from the ancestors, listen to the podcast. It’s a goodie. The Hoodoo Tarot Deck by Tayannah Lee McQuillar The Amplifier: Do right by Black Women. We’re talking Lizzo. We’re talking Naomi, Simone, and Sha’Carri, too. Haiti had an earthquake. Also, the President pulled the troops from Afghanistan. Episode Credits: Hosted, produced, mixed, and edited by Porsha Williams Gates of Porshanality Media LLC Production Assistant: Jamal Richardson Production Assistant: Patrick D. Williams Music Credits: No Rules, Fox Morrow Soul Jazz Legacy, SINY Shimmer Warp from Epidemic Sounds Delores, Ballpoint For more Porshanality Media, visit us on the web: www.porshanality.com Please find us on FB, IG, Pinterest, Linked In, Porshanality Media #Amplifyhumanity #porshanalitymedia

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