FSH Ep 11- Making Mud Pies

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On this episode of FSH Podcast, we are Making Mud Pies. Remember when you were a kid making mud pies? The dirt always showed that you were up to something. Dirt is evidence of the work. In a world where people say that are making pies, we don't always see the dirt. Where's the dirt? Candice also reminds us of a very important lesson that can only come from The Magic School Bus! Are you Arnold, are Ms. Frizzle? For more Fish Sandwich Heaven, be sure to check out FishSandwichHeaven.com! Also, all podcasts have a transcript available on the website. Featured Music: Swell Dreamy— Epidemic Sounds "Space Ship Countdown Sci-Fi”— Epidemic sounds "Twinkle Ascend" -- Epidemic Sounds "Dreaming Wide Awake (Instrumental Version) by King Sis" Host/Writer: Candice Simpson, curator Fish Sandwich Heaven Production: Porsha Williams Gates, Porshanality Media, LLC

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