Say It Out Loud- EP5 Holding Black Pain

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What's up, Crew Members! Today, we have a serious topic about grief and pain as Black people. 2020was defiantly a year, and with so much trauma that has occurred, we need to unmute and say it out loud. On our "Say What" segment, we are talking about Cicely Tyson and a life well-lived. In our Now Say That Out Loud portion, we are throwing it back to a previous convo where we talk about holding Black pain and what it takes for us to overcome. In the Drs. Waiting Room, we talk about living on purpose, and we are talking it out with Crew Member Pauline in the Crew Love segment. Wanna be down with the crew? Hit us up on social media at @sayitcrew Say It Out Loud "Talkin' to Myself by Hell Nasty" "Stockholm (Instrumental Version) by Revel Day" "Those Girls With Pearls by Aesyme" "Vintage Velour (Instrumental Version) by Xavy Rusan" Host: Gabby Cudjoe Wilkes, Kaiya Jennings Production and Editing Credits: Porsha Williams Gates of Porshanality Media, LLC Graphics: Bee Harris

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