Position Six 104 - SUNSFan

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Dota 2 Interview Podcast This week's episode is NA Caster and loveable rogue, SUNSFan. Check out my previous episode with him here: https://soundcloud.com/user-355447901/position-six-podcast-episode-26-sunsfan Position Six Theme song written by the wonderful Chin Tee, with whom I do my other podcast - Faking Lit - @user-808275797 Production help from the brilliant Duncan Wardlaw - twitter.com/Duncan_Wardlaw If you'd like to you can donate to the Podcast Patreon Campaign here - www.patreon.com/positionsix and you can do a one time tip, here: ko-fi.com/mrbigjams You can follow me on twitter at twitter.com/danieloffen and join the position six discord channel at discord.gg/wfRjVn

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