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Laura, like my previous guest, also works at Hennepin Health and had lots to share. Hearing another voice describing Hennepin as a great place to work, learn and teach was fun.

Laura previously practiced at North Memorial Medical Center; a high volume urban emergency department and Level 1 trauma center. Before that, she trained as a resident at Hennepin. This career arc from through community practice and back to academic medicine gives her a perspective few others can provide.

Laura shared so many tips and rules of thumb I feel like I could write a book on emergency medicine practice right now. We cruised right through a slew of professional practice tips and perspectives for use both on and off the floor. I’m really excited to get this one to you.

Show Notes

  • Introductions
  • Settling into your first job or any new job and figuring out your right pace
  • Empowering those around you to make yourself more efficient
  • Perspective of working in different environments through your career
  • Aspects of prioritizing the work minute to minute like a restaurant server
  • Talking and examining to a patient simultaneously
  • End of shift push to get some patients dispositioned based on typical workup time
  • Self improvement via reading follow up notes
  • Balance between seeing patients and time spent documenting
  • Managing shift energy and interruptions
  • Wrap up

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