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Rachel Dahms is 14 years into her career really having a great time. She was an assistant program director for an emergency medicine residency for 11 of those years. She now has a leading role in medical student development within our health system. She’s spent years building wisdom in some diverse areas like the resident scheduling plans, creating care plans for patients and teaching procedural skills training labs.

In this interview I we talked about how Rachel got into emergency medicine, how she approaches giving feedback and structuring improvement plans for struggling residents and how she picks the things she gets herself. She has a strong sense of self and in my opinion is a great example of someone who’s found their calling and is having fun with it.


  • Spoiler: Rachel enjoys her work!
  • Shift in roles in her career
  • How Rachel starts her shifts
  • Approach to starting a shift with different learners
  • Feedback in general
  • Challenging patient approach
  • Managing the surge
  • Moving from Novice to Expert
  • Hard / vague feedback
  • Reflective Practice
  • Procedural Competency
  • Rare Procedures
  • Rachel’s path to medicine
  • Exploring the basis of her confidence
  • Close out

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