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Sam Stellplug is currently a core faculty member, a night hawk doc at Regions and the program director for our Toxicology Fellowship. He has a diverse history that informs his style and manner of practice and I really had fun exploring what he had to say.


  • Introduction and Sam’s Background
  • Performing an Annual Family Assessment
  • Work fulfillment
  • Shift preparation
  • Night Hawk Thoughts
  • Post Night Turn Around
  • Sam’s Drug Cocktail for Night Shift Success
  • Learning from community practice – self assessment of the Event Log
  • Benefit of verbal communication with nurses about new orders
  • Test ordering and result dichotomization as the sole key to fulfillment in emergency medicine (we spent A LOT of time here)
  • Supervision of learners and methods to train based on learning level
  • Translating Brazilian Jujitsu to Emergency Medicine and personal improvement
  • Managing emotion during typically stress inducing events
  • Hey, is that John Candy?
  • Wait. I have a question!
  • Wrap up – Sam’s already got his kid managing multiple patients.

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