047 - How Pat Mitchell of TEDWomen is Empowering Women Through Media

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On this episode of Potential to Powerhouse, we welcome Pat Mitchell, an incredible media mogul and the editorial director of TEDWomen. As a journalist, Pat focused on sharing women's stories throughout her career. As the author of Becoming A Dangerous Woman, Embracing Risk to Change the World, Pat advocates for women, creating platforms, networking, and helping others shine. Today she chats with Tracy about her incredible career and how she continues to advocate for women by providing them a platform to share their stories. Tune in to learn more from Pat and Tracy!


  • [04:02] Pat talks about her upbringing and the impact it had on her life
  • [05:14] Falling forward and using that as fuel to overcome things in our lives and careers
  • [20:20] Pat and Tracy discuss the pressures they faced as women in their industries
  • [28:48] Pat describes changing the work environment for women, including maternity leave and bringing your children to work
  • [30:57] Creating the TEDWomen platform
  • [43:25] What Pat is involved in now and her involvement in non-profits


  • We shouldn't be afraid of falling on our faces sometimes - it's an opportunity to learn and grow and have the strength to overcome obstacles in our lives and careers.
  • One of Pat's most significant accomplishments from her work with women's advocacy platforms is putting together a cohort of global women leaders. These women have shown to be incredible at collaborating, supporting, and problem-solving.
  • The balancing act that mothers perform is something we all struggle with. Whether it's at home or work, there are times when you can't take care of everything and need some separation from your responsibilities in order to recharge.


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Pat Mitchell Media


Pat Mitchell is the editorial director of TEDWomen. Throughout her career as a journalist, Emmy-winning producer, and pioneering executive, she has focused on sharing women's stories. She is a trustee of the VDAY movement, the Skoll Foundation, and the The Woodruff Arts Center, chair emerita of the Sundance Institute Board, and the Women's Media Center board. She is an advisor to Participant Media and served as a congressional appointment to The American Museum of Women's History Advisory Council.


"In particular around being an advocate for women and hoping that everything I have done and will do has the ultimate outcome of opening doors and opportunities from other women. That's that has been the touchstone of my life." -Pat Mitchell

"At least falling on your face is a forward movement." -Pat Mitchell

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