49 - Bliss Spa to FitFlop: The Beauty of Owning Your Own Power with Serial Entrepreneur Marcia Kilgore of Beauty Pie

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Marcia Kilgore, a Canadian-born entrepreneur and founder of several global companies in the beauty and footwear industries, joins Tracy Holland today on this episode of the Potential to Powerhouse Podcast.

Marcia discusses her life growing up with a single mom after losing her father at a young age and how that defining experience led to her path to entrepreneurship. From bodybuilding, skincare, and makeup, to revolutionizing Bliss Spa and the women's footwear industry, Marcia's most recent business venture, Beauty Pie, disrupts the typical business model. Tune in to learn more about Marcia’s journey to worldwide success on this don’t-miss episode.


  • [03:41] Marcia talks about her life growing up with two older sisters and losing her father at age 11.
  • [08:41] Getting interested in skincare and makeup and discovering bodybuilding as a teen
  • [18:00] Marcia discusses the opening of her first location of Bliss Spa.
  • [24:31] Being approached by investors looking to partner with her and her companies
  • [37:06] The idea and concept of Beauty Pie
  • [47:08] What's on Marcia's bucket list


  • Be open to new ideas as they can help you connect new experiences and ideas that work out to be a great opportunity.
  • Use your intuition and don’t be afraid to follow the breadcrumbs for new opportunities that could lead to your next business idea.


Twitter @marciakilgore

Instagram @marcia.kilgore


Potential to Powerhouse

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Marcia Kilgore is a Canadian-born entrepreneur who has founded several global companies in the beauty and footwear industries. Her ventures include revolutionizing Bliss Spa, which was sold to LVMH only three years after its launch; bath, body, and cosmetics brand Soap & Glory, sold to British Drugstore giant Walgreens Boots Alliance; biomechanics-meets-fashion footwear brand FitFlop; and naturally derived bath and body product brand Soaper Duper.


“I think one of the things if I was going to give advice to somebody coming up is, in the heat of a moment, you'll often forget that not everything needs to be responded to, and you don't have to react to everything.” -Marcia Kilgore

“Keep all of your antennas open because all of those dots that you can put down are just all opportunities and your unique set of blocks. Yours will be different than anybody else's in the world. That is actually your entrepreneurial opportunity because it's your unique blueprint.” -Marcia Kilgore

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