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Andrea McCarren is the Chief Content Officer for PenFed Digital, impacting an audience of more than 80 million people. She’s also an Emmy Award-Winning Journalist (24 + Emmys!). It was another aspect of Andrea’s life that caught my attention - she’s also a puppy raiser for America’s VetDogs, and has personally raised four service dogs to serve a veteran or first responder with a disability. Andrea shares what it’s like to be a puppy raiser - her amazing advice in both marketing and leadership - and how each of us has the power to change the world, one action at a time.

In this episode, you’ll discover—

  • How a big career change can be the best move you’ve ever made
  • Why the folks who are pouring into others and their community are so successful
  • How you can make a huge difference for your people and community

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