Sarah Wells – Solopreneur to Exponential Growth

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COVID and 2020 brought the term “Pivot” to the forefront for many of us…it changed the way we looked at work and life. Long before the pandemic, something as simple as a move for her husband’s job changed Sarah Wells’ career. Overnight, she went from a recent college grad and graphic artist to a business owner.

Sarah’s business has grown larger and faster than she imagined and proved that when we’re following our passion, amazing things can happen. Have a listen to her journey, her success, and her learnings, and take heart…she’s proof that the nicest of us can and do finish first!

In this episode, you’ll discover—

  • How Sarah pushed herself out of her comfort zone and reaped huge rewards
  • How small changes can speed up your growth in your business
  • Why valuing your time makes such a tremendous impact on earnings

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