Ep. 85 - When Training Sucks...

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Episode 85 (3/23/22)
Everglades summary
Military Nationals
Xavier Richardson - 6/9 - 5kg PR Deadlift
Spotting/Loading: 2 Platforms:
1: James Vang & Wesley Toler
2: Josh Rohr, Chris Elmore, David Dix
3: Boards: Ashley Hanna & Amy Pancake
4: Handling: Stacie Metcalfe
Top 5 Movie Soundtracks: #3
PL Situation
Training has not been going well recently. You are getting more and more frustrated and thinking about quitting. You find yourself more irritable than normal because of this as well. You really don't want to quit, but you don't want to work so hard for no progress. What do you do?
New Lifter Tip
Make sure you take your walk-out on squat attempts seriously. It is not light weight
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