Episode 269: Ninth Edition Astra Militarum

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It’s time to bite the bullet, grab our t-shirts and flashlights, and brave something otherwise unknown to us – talking about the Imperial Guard! We dig into the codex included in the new Cadia Stands box and discuss 10 things you need to know about the new Astra Militarum. From the new subfaction-free regimental doctrines to the new units, and all the high points inbetween, we do our best to dig into this army that none of us play. How do orders work? Where did Commissar Yarrick and his tank go? Which is better – Tempestus or Kasrkin? And do we really need four different varieties of infantry squad? We address this and more as we do our best to review this book! Also, news and new releases, your listener mail, hobby progress, and a snappy Morale Phase!

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Theme: Metal Slug 2: Super Vehicle-001/II ‘No Need to Reload’ by RoeTaKa, courtesy of OCRemix.

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