Printism UK Print Podcast with Brendan Perring

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This week I'm speaking to Brendan Perring who is the General Manager of the Independent Print Industries Association (IPIA) and also the Chairman of the British Association for Print and Communication (BAPC). These roles give Brendan unique access to print companies throughout the country and he has heard first hand the trials and tribulations facing the trade in these difficult times. He has also seen though how companies can adapt and thrive in a crisis and offers his thoughts on the way ahead for many print companies in the months to come.

If you get the chance, it's worth catching up with the #PUNCHBACKPRINT series of events run recently by the IPIA.

Brendan was involved at government level during the early days of the Covid crisis and helped shape policy which enabled many printers to keep trading through difficult days.

Really interesting, positive thoughts from someone who clearly has great affection for the UK Print trade.

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