45 - The Greatest Drummers of All Time

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The drum is the world’s oldest instrument. Drummers can use their kit to lay down the back beat and help the rest of a band keep time, or they can use it in solos just like a guitar.

In this episode of Prisoners of Rock and Roll, we’re taking a look at the best drummers in music history. We’re starting with the big band drummers Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich, who put the spotlight on their instruments and paved the way for modern drummers for generations. Then we’re covering legends like Bonzo and Keith Moon, Charlie Watts and Ginger Baker. Ringo and Rick Allen. All the way up to modern drummers like Questlove Meg White.

Our show is sponsored by our home base of McCusker's Tavern at 17th and Shunk Streets in Philadelphia. We are proud supporters of our friends at Boldfoot Socks. We are just one of the dozens of awesome shows on the Pantheon Podcast Network.

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