PIA 105: Simple Marketing and Sales for Private Investigators

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I am glad to be back podcasting and providing value for investigators all over the world. Tanner Rutledge of Rutledge Investigations provides a ton of value you for you no matter where you are in your investigation business. This in an interview and collaboration that Tanner and I have been talking about for about a year.

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P.I. Resource Page-https://www.privateinvestigatoradvicehq.com/resources/

Tanner Rutledge is a 14 year veteran of the Private Investigations industry. He currently owns and operates Rutledge Investigations, a boutique firm located in Chattanooga, TN specializing in child custody and legal investigations. Tanner is also the host of The Covert Investigator Podcast Tanner has an extensive background in sales and customer success, and has modified and tailored the sales strategies he’s picked up in other industries to increase revenue in his PI business.

In this interview you are gonna hear about:

How he became a PI

How he got involved in Child Custody and Legal Investigations

What type of marketing he does

Different types of marketing with different clients

Good closing percentages (I was surprised by this one)

Common objections by future clients

When to bring up money

How to overcome the money objection

And much more..

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