Episode 6 Season Finale | Power Struggles | Learn to navigate power dynamics in your relationships

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On the season finale of Privilege With Purpose, we discuss Power Struggles.

Power Struggles are problematic because the represent a form of debate with no winner. As a result, most research will tell you to avoid power struggles all together. Unfortunately, power dynamics are so strong in today's society, it is unlikely they can be avoided.

In this episode, we give you some strategies for navigating power struggles in your personal relationships as well as in larger, more complex issues like racism. Additionally, we look back on each of our past episodes and discuss the power struggles inherent to each of those topics and how they are actually all intertwined with each other.

Our belief at Privilege With Purpose is that avoidance is not the right strategy. We need to learn how to navigate power struggles and have uncomfortable conversations. By doing so, we illuminate context, our own and others, we can break down all the ISMs and begin to heal some of the divisions in our society.

Please visit us at PrivilegeWithPurpose.com or drop us a line at conversations@privilegewithpurpose.com to join the conversation!

Episode Highlights:

0:01 Intro

1:55 Defining power struggles

3:30 Control and authority

4:37 Misdirected energy

5:40 Tying Power Struggles to each of our episodes

14:46 Navigating a power struggle

19:53 Cost and payoff of racism

26:35 How to recognize when there's a power struggle

31:47 Wrap up

35:12 Bonus Footage Preview

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