The Great Drone Invasion of Eastern Europe with Dominik Wojcik of Microdrones

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In 2018, drones are used anywhere from personal to professional use. However, most people would have you believe that drones are just used for getting high angle helicopter style footage. But with new technologies from Microdrones, the use cases of drones are expanding year after year, especially in the construction field. Joining us today on Propelling is Dominik Wojcik from Microdrones to break down this European market.
"The eastern part of Europe is way behind in infrastructure, especially when it comes to roads compared to western Europe. So basically it's one big construction site, and our products are suited for helping with this," Wojcik said. He discusses the drone market in eastern Europe, how Poland’s more open drone flying laws allowed their market to skyrocket, and how Microdrones' new technologies are extending the possibilities of what can be achieved by using drones.

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