1972 Washington Redskins (Over the Hill Gang)

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The next few editions of The Pigskin Past will explore great teams in great years. They will all have one thing in common, however. They will all be teams that had a super season and went to the Super Bowl, only to lose that Super Bowl. The first of these teams that I would like to discuss is the 1972 Washington Redskins. Yes, in 1972, the Washington Football Team was actually called the Washington Redskins. In 1971, their new head coach George Allen, told his players after losing their first playoff game in years that the next year, they would be a championship team. Allen did not lie. In 1972, Washington managed to win the NFC Championship.

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PIgskin Past is a podcast dedicated to teaching fans about the history of the NFL during the 1970s, a time when the host (Joe Zagorski) grew up as a rabid fan of the game. Joe is also an author of multiple NFL books. See Joe's books below.

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