PDF Classic Video - Winning in the Asian Century with Natalie Cope

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Natalie was the CEO of the Australia China Business Council (NSW). Prior to that she was the Partnerships and Development Manager at Asialink Business, Australia's leading centre for building Asia capability, public understanding of Asia, and appreciation of Australia's role in the Asian region.

She was recently named Australia’s Top Emerging Leader and MBA Scholar, receiving the 2015 Emerging Leaders MBA Scholarship by the University of Sydney Business School and The Australian Financial Review’s BOSS Magazine. Natalie is also an Ambassador of the Westpac Bi-Centennial Foundation, Asian Exchange Program and is a founding member and current Chair of the Australia-China Youth Dialogue. Natalie holds a BA/LLB(Hons) and is a current MBA student at the University of Sydney Business School.

Previous experience includes practising as a litigation lawyer with DLA Piper, prior to which she worked in Beijing as a trainee lawyer with one of China’s premier law firms.

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