PDF Webinar: The Art Of Negotiation: Dealing With Difficult People Steve York

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What is Negotiation and What can it do for you?

Negotiation will help you understand who your client is and build a conversation that'll fuel the new relationship into a fruitful partnership.

TRUST is the key factor in every negotiation as this determines the outcome of every situation. You can never go wrong when you're equipped with the right negotiation skills.

Steve will use his own experiences to captivate your emotions so you can grasp the importance of negotiation in every situation.

About Steve York:

Steve York is an author, speaker, and negotiation coach.

After 20 years of working in the NSW Police Crisis Negotiation Task Force, he decided to come out of his own way to share his wisdom and provide lifechanging training/seminars for people who influence behaviour, may it be in the corporate world or not.

He is the co-author of an Amazon best-selling book 'Negotiation Evolved' that offers a comprehensive approach to negotiation and influence that can be applied in every situation, from large commercial deals to romantic partnerships and even hostage crises. He is currently completing his second in the area of high-risk negotiation, tentatively titled 'Crisis Negotiation Evolved'.

Steve is a tough guy from the outside but thoughtful on the inside. His experiences truly shaped who he is now and aims to share these best practices with the world. He believes that "Words Changes People's Lives" that's why he pushes forward in this quest in the hopes of helping people gain the mindset, insights, and tools to increase rapport, trust, value, understanding, agreement, commitment, and satisfaction in every negotiation.

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