Episode #7 With Freejboosie

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https://youtu.be/hl6ht7CaH5Y Protip is back, and it's better than ever. (Shoutout to Hess for that one!) This week we interview musician, entrepreneur, and style genius, freejboosie. We talk to him about clothes, basketball, and smoothies. Also, lots of other interesting stuff. Alex Remes comes by and asks better questions than I do...If you comment on this episode, I will give you an ice cream. Follow Protip @_protip Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_protip/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/_protip Hosted by: Jeremy Grinberg https://www.instagram.com/jeremy.grinberg/ More importantly... Freejboosie @freejboosie https://www.instagram.com/freejboosie/ https://soundcloud.com/freejboosie Alex Remes (Co-Host) https://www.instagram.com/alexremes_/ Edited and Shot by Josh Henry @Joshhenrygrams - https://www.instagram.com/joshhenrygrams/ Art/Graphic Design/Creative Direction: Simon Abranowicz - @Sabranowicz https://www.instagram.com/sabranowicz/ Ryuketsuu - @Ryuketsuu - https://www.instagram.com/ryuketsuu/ Amber Park - @amberprk - https://www.instagram.com/amberprk/

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