PEX#22 - Marta Kaczmarczyk - Stress, burnout, the nervous system and psychedelics

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In this week's podcast Tim Cools speaks with Marta Kaczmarczyk, a wellbeing and health optimization consultant and the founder of the psychedelic society of the Netherlands.

- Marta's Background
- The nervous system
- Burnout, stress and other imbalances of the nervous system
- Somatic therapies
- Psychedelics and the nervous system
- Biohacking
About Marta Kaczmarczyk
Marta is a wellbeing and health optimization consultant living in the Netherlands. She bases her methods in systems theory – if you face any difficulties in your life, you need to look at them holistically, there is no isolated cause for any problem.
She helps people to rewire their brain towards a positive outlook on the future and get you out of the survival mode. She has a rich portfolio that equips her for this type of work: MSc in Cognitive Science, Post-MSc and academic research on persuasion techniques for healthcare and wellbeing, two years of guiding psilocybin truffles one-on-one sessions, co-creation of the first longevity clinic in Europe, half a year of work as an assistant facilitator at one of the most prominent legal psychedelic retreats in the world, and more...
About Tim Cools
Tim is a psychedelic integration specialist and legal psychedelic guide. He facilitates powerful, life-changing experiences for professionals, to help their professional lives come in alignment with personal ambition and values.
Tim is a Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) teacher, a certified coach, and psychedelic advocate, educator and guide.
Furthermore, he founded Psychedelic Experience, an online non-profit platform for information surrounding psychedelic substances. It's a community based non-profit organization, created by and for psychedelic and plant medicine communities.

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