Adult ADHD

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Learn about symptoms of adult ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), what research has found about consequences of untreated ADHD, structural brain differences for those diagnosed with it and natural and pharmaceutical approaches to treatment. My guests are Heidi Keller, PhD and Tiffany Heineman, Esq . Tiffany Heineman bravely shares her personal story and experience with having ADHD and Heidi Keller, PhD, psychologist, shares her favorite natural treatment approach to improving executive skills.
This episode is dedicated to Girls on the Run non-profit ( - an organization dedicated to teaching girls service, social and emotional skills and the value of exercise, all at once. Note that guest Tiffany Heineman is the Chair of the Board of our local chapter of Girls on the Run - I asked her to talk about it at the end of the show.

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